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Mist in the Morning

Gentry Awai has never been confident in himself, or overcome the fears that he developed as a child. When work takes him to a new town and he settles into his new home; no longer will night be his primary fear.


Depth Charge

A close relationship between a deranged teen boy struggling with suicidal tendencies and a lonesome widow is growing. To help both of them, they have decided to escape their town and find themselves in the seaside town of Thorpe. Soon they both must face their demons and each other as they are stalked by a creature from the depths, but not necessarily the ocean depths.


Tree Through the Woods

Photographer Jim Stanislaus has never considered himself a believer in the supernatural. That will all change when he enters a supposed haunted forest. While camping the first night he is visited by the ghost of a young girl murdered in the forests in the 1890s. She warns him and acts as a guide to the other spirits and ghosts within the forest. Jim may never make it out, and he may just find he has some unfinished business of his own.