Historical Fiction

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Going Back

Follow our two characters back in time to pre-revolution France as they try to prevent catastrophe in the future. They will need to use the knowledge that they have of past events to secure the future they have always dreamed of having.


Virginia Treasure

Margaret Wyatt, the first crown governess of the Virginia colony, has found a map of the fated Roanoke Island Settlement while out on an expedition with her husband Francis. She hates that her husband always makes her leave the limited comfort of Jamestown, but she has always been intrigued by the settlement since her Great Uncle was one of the lost settlers.  The only thing found previously was the word Croatoan carved into a tree. Now that she has the map, and political influence she will use the resources of the Virginia Colony to find the treasure that the fated settlement hid away many years before.

River Scout

Lewis and Clark set off on May 4, 1804 to explore the west through the Louisiana Purchase and show American strength and sovereignty over the continent of North America. What they didn’t expect was that on June 3, 1805, they would come across a fork in the river. They sent a scouting party up the branch of the river only to find a European settlement. The scouting party makes contact with the settlers and learns of a harrowing secret that the settlers are protecting. A scuffle ensues with the inhabitants and the some of the party does not return.