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Princess of Catharsis

Princess Catharsis has been lost since she was kidnapped in the middle of the night ten years prior. She does not know the true origin of her birth or of the magic she wields. As she struggles across the land of  Catharsis she makes allies, which will both serve and betray her as she learns who she really is and what she can really do.

Neoganth’s Cathedral

An athletic seductress is kidnapped and enslaved in a rat-infested cathedral. She was attacked and taken by the unnatural mage, Neoganth, whom has spent his life practicing his arts on other living creatures. With the help of her talking spirit animal, she must escape in order to find the enchanted gauntlets which will allow her to wield the mage’s staff.

Serenade in the Glade

A crafty minstrel travels from town to town playing his music and making just enough for his next meal. His tribe was sacrificed to a dark god by a powerful army. He escaped and has been trying to find his uncle Chealank to sharpen his musical skills. He doesn’t know that the army is now after him, but with the help of a mad spirit and the magic in his music, he must break all previous vows in order to save his tribe’s religion.