How it Works

Select a Prompt

The first step in any creative process is to have an idea of where you are headed. New prompts will be added to the site frequently. These prompts will be arranged based on genre and will be searchable. We are always looking for great prompts to be added to the site for new novels. So if you have a prompt feel free to submit it or select one of our prompts.

Request Access 

Create and account on our site by going to the Register Page. Once you find a prompt that you think you may want to contribute to then notify us using our easy notification button for that prompt. By requesting access you may not automatically get access. Depending on demand for that prompt there may be a delay until the current collaborator’s authorship time runs out. It may also be the case that the story comes to an end before you are able to collaborate.


Once access has been granted to the google document for the story prompt you selected, you will be given time to review the previously written effort and then write your own portion. As novels are first being developed this time will be short periods of only a day or two, but as the novels start to get longer the time to read and contribute will extend to 10 to 15 days. The following are the collaboration periods:

  • 1-10 written pages: 1 day collaboration period
  • 11-20 written pages: 3 day collaboration period
  • 21-50 written pages: 7 day collaboration period
  • 51-100 written pages: 10 day collaboration period
  • 100-200 written pages: 20 day collaboration period
  • 200 or greater written pages: 30 day collaboration period

At the end of the collaboration period the document will automatically become inaccessible to you, and your writing will end.


Once the story is marked with a “The End” on the last page our team of crack editors will begin to edit the file. This will ensure both flow of the storyline, and grammatical correctness. If the editors find that the story has not truly come to an end then they will release the story back to the prompts page for more collaboration. Once the editing has been completed the book will be formatted to meet Amazon’s self publishing guidelines.

Cover Art

While editing is occurring, we will have a special page that will request cover art submissions for the story. A brief synopsis of the story will be provided for you or an artist friend to submit cover art. Books Written for You will select the top three and post them for voting by the collaborators on the site. Any cover art submitted becomes property of Books Written for You



At the conclusion of the editing and formatting Books Written for You will then submit the book to Amazon for publishing as an ebook. The price of the book will be set based on the market at the time of submission for that genre of novel. Books Written for You retain full responsibility for setting the price but will make it competitive for sale on Amazon. Once published, a notification, with a link, to all of the collaborators will be sent to alert them that they have been published.


Once you have the link to your novel start sharing it. The more you share, the more you will make. The sales will be split depending on the number of collaborators that participate in the authorship of the story and will be paid out at the end of every month after disbursement from Amazon. Along with the payment a notification will be sent with the total number of sales for the given month and the split. The percentage to each collaborator will be an equal split of 60% of the profit after taxes and fees are taken out. The other 40% will be to Books Written for You for editing and other processing fees. As an example, if there are 5 collaborators the split of any profits will be as follows:

Book Sales Price – $15.00

Profit from sale on Amazon – $10.00

40% to Books Written For You – $4.00

60% profit/5 collaborators is 12% per collaborator

Therefore, each collaborator receives $1.20 from every sale of the book.

The sky is the limit on the number of copies that could be sold, and the amount of profits that you receive. The example above uses easy figures for easy viewing and is not a guarantee of any profit or sales from any novel submitted.



Must be legally able to work within the United States to participate in profits from sales at this time. We are working to get set up to allow for collaboration around the world. Please check back often.